Just think of the stress put on your body every single day. You sleep in the same position, drive slouched to one side or sit with your feet tucked under you on the couch. Every person has repetitive movements that can take a toll on their body. If you were to correct them, you could be saving yourself from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

That’s why we combine the benefits of integrative care with physical therapy. We find that our patients can get better, faster and stay well for longer with our multifaceted approach to care.

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What to Expect

At your first appointment, our medical team will assess your condition. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around. He’ll perform a range of testing, then sit down to analyze your case. You’ll start your care on the second visit after going over a report of his findings.

Move Better, Live Better

There is a broad range of benefits that you can experience from having physical therapy. Our patients report that they can move around better than they used to. They’re able to live a more active lifestyle and do everything that they want to do, free from restrictions.